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About Our Office

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Evansville Psychiatric Associates is accepting new patient for both telehealth and  in-office appointments depending on the provider and circumstances.  If you have not already received a call confirming your appointment type, please contact us through your Patient Portal or by phone. 

To respect and protect everyone—patients, providers, and staff—face masks will be mandatory for coming into the office. If you are sick or have been recently exposed to Covid-19, call us to convert your appointment to a telehealth or phone appointment. If you have an issue with wearing a face mask, you are welcome to continue care through telemedicine. Most major insurance carriers are extending on-par telehealth coverage, but as always, check with your plan to confirm your individual benefits. 


Our waiting room is rearranged to allow for social distancing by CDC guidelines. Please leave siblings at home: appointments are only for the scheduled patient and, when necessary, a designated parent or attendant. You may be asked to wait in your car after checking in for your appointment.


We are following a cleaning schedule of frequently touched surfaces. All magazines, books, and toys have been removed.  Guest Wi-Fi is available to you. 


If you have not done so already, familiarize yourself with your Patient Portal. If you need help with your password or have a new email, give us a call.  We prefer online payment when possible, and statements are now sent by email. Messages to your provider and requests concerning appointments, refills, or forms can also be handled through the portal.

We Are OPEN for Telehealth appointments and some in-office appointments
while COVID 19 lockdown restrictions are being recommended.


If your visit is by Telehealth, it will take place over a video/audio link that is HIPAA compliant and secure.

For NEW PATIENTS: We need to have a copy of your Driver's License or State ID and the front and back of your Insurance Card(s).  WE would also like for you to sign our consent.  It is the second form down on our forms tab.  These times can be uploaded to us on your patient portal under the icon that says "Additional Information Shared with Practice"  If you have trouble with that, you can snap a picture with your cell phone and email us at:

or fax the to us 812-671-0627. 
 We also need you to print and sign the Registration and Consent to Treat form and send that to us as well.  That is the second form available under the FORMS tab above.

We need to know if you would prefer to use your cell phone or your computer/tablet.  A smart phone will work just fine.   If you use your computer it must have a camera and microphone and you need to make sure that they are turned on.

We will send you an “invite” by either TEXT or by email, depending on your choice.  We ask to confirm BOTH options in case there is an issue with one of these contact methods.  There is no separate software to download to complete telehealth.

You will need to “accept your invitation” and check in a few minutes before your appointment time. This first time you might want to check in even earlier, to make sure your camera and video permissions are turned on.  

The provider can see when you are checked in to their “virtual waiting room” and when they have finished with their previous patient, they will start the video conference call.  Your provider could potentially run behind, so please allow your entire appointment time for them to be able to open the link with you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

You will need to log in through your portal to pay any copay or deductible that you have due.  All of your information is available on your portal or you can call and pay your bill over the phone by selecting Customer Service when you call in.  The line is secure so you may leave your credit card information.

If you do not have cell or wireless service to your home, and your are unable to leave your home to connect to service, our building is open and we are able to set up either for an in-office appointment or for an in-office telehealth appointment.

For refills: Please call your pharmacy first to make sure you do not already have refills on file.  Contact us through the patient portal for all your questions and requests.    

Verify your contact information through the patient portal at www.evansvillepsychiatric.com.  If we do not have your correct email you may leave that information on the New Patient/Intake extension.  Make sure your VoiceMail is set up and clear to be able to accept messages as your provider may need to speak with you. 

Please be safe!.  We want for all of us and our families to get through this unharmed.

Mental health affects everyone. At Evansville Psychiatric Associates we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel happy and energized and productive in their life.

Shelia Smiddy
Shelia Smiddy
Office Manager

Initial consultations are with qualified and conscientious professionals who are well trained and experienced in understanding YOUR story and your unique style of coping with what life has presented you with.  Our professional staff members are well-educated, experienced, discrete and open-minded.  They collaborate as a team that has met and treated thousands of regular people with thoughts and symptoms just like you.


Evansville Psychiatric Associates is a team that believes in psychotherapy and the judicious use of medications when indicated.  We treat the full range of mental and behavioral healthcare issues but have special interests in ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Conduct Disorders in Children, Panic, Anxiety and Fear, Depression, Emotional Disturbances, Peer and Relationship Issues,  Loss and Grieg, Behavioral Issues, Anger Management, Mood Stabilization, Adjustment Difficulties, Insomnia,  Psychological and Emotional Balance and General Psychiatric Medication Management.


Evansville Psychiatric Associates works with hundreds of area physicians to diagnose and treat ADHD in children and adults through “The Center for ADHD” program.  This comprehensive assessment includes individual and family assessment by a specially trained LCSW, psychological testing and diagnoses along with Medication intervention with one of our psychiatrists.


Office Hours are by appointment only, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Fridays 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  

We are closed on federal holidays, half days on holiday eves and Black Friday :)
Check our facebook page for any other closures. Thanks!


Register online and complete our appointment request.  Registering on line is the quickest way to get information or make an appointment.  After you finish registering, Select 'Appoinment Request' and leave us a message about what services you are seeking.  The Insurance tab can be challenging to navigate; if you are not clear on which carrier to pick, leave the Insurance section blank and instead, send us your insurance, Subscriber or Member ID number and Group Number and the Payor number on the back of the card in a message.

Our Intake Department will get back with you as quickly as we can, usually within 24 business hours. Note: at present, none of our providers are participating in Medicaid. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, go to your nearest emergency room.  If you are providing this infomation to someone without internet access, you may print out the New Patient Intake Form on our Patients Form link and have it completed and mailed, faxed or dropped off at our office .  You may contact us by phone if you need a form mailed to you.  You may also ask that your Primary Care Provider refers you to our clinic.

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