Creative Change Therapy Center LLP
Building Strength and Resilience for a More Fulfilling Life

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The mission of the Creative Change Therapy Center is to empower our clients to use the therapy relationship in constructive and creative ways. 

By focusing on the importance of the respectful, safe and open relationship with our clients, they are able to solve the problems they choose to bring to therapy.

Through this empowerment, our clients become emotionally stable and develop fulfillment and meaning in their work, family, spiritual and community life. ​​

We also train other therapists to be resourceful and creative in their relationships with their clients and to use evidence based research in their treatment. 

Our education in the community focuses on positive psychology approaches, constructive communication, motivational change and team building.


We are located at:

10702 Lombardy Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20901-1631
  Phone (301) 754-0122
  Fax (301) 750-0141

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