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Available for COVID-19 Vaccines & Certain Monoclonal Antibodies

It’s getting harder tostay out of the penalty box!

MIPS Penalty
As a solo practitioner, it is difficult to keep abreast of all the changes CMS makes. You don’t want to be penalized, but you simply cannot to do it yourself. This is the best money you will ever spend to help you through such an onerous process.

– Dr. Shah, Evergreen ENT

MIPS Testimonial

Although the potential positive/negative payment adjustment is staying at ±9%,CMS is changing the rules for 2021.

  • Minimum threshold Increasing to 50 points
  • Quality Weight Going down approx. 5%
  • Cost WeightGoing up approx. 5%

Are you ready for the new Rule Changes?

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10/15/2020 Release of the Virtual Waiting Room 09/23/2020 New Feature Release: Reconcile Patient Social History 08/14/2020 Release of Display & Color Code for Patients Exempt from Reporting
02/10/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System 01/17/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System 12/05/2019 Updates to the WRS Health System