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Patients' Experience with Telehealth

In these extraordinary times, it is key to provide an additional level of comfort to your patients during their appointments.

Telehealth and Check-in Module:
  • Provides a contactless experience
  • Ensures appointments are held
  • Increases patient satisfaction

If you are looking to improve your patients’ experience, contact us today for more information.

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System Updates
08/14/2020 Release of Display & Color Code for Patients Exempt from Reporting 06/19/2020 Updates Made to Four Step Workflow for Patient Check-In Module 06/04/2020 Updates Made to Check-In Module
03/25/2020 UPDATED Release notes of Patient Telehealth & Self-Check-in Module 02/10/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System 01/17/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System