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WRS is pleased to offer our Telehealth functionality to current WRS clients at no cost until June 30, 2020.

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NEW Review of Systems (ROS) via Check-In Module


Feel overwhelmed? Let us help. Our Virtual Front Desk Assistants can assist with:

  • Informing Patients About New Telehealth Services
  • Rescheduling Cancellations
  • Guiding Patients Through Telehealth Setup
  • Reducing No-Shows
Virtual Front Desk Assistance 24/7

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System Updates
03/30/2020 Release of Review of Systems (ROS) Via Check-In Module 03/25/2020 UPDATED Release notes of Patient Telehealth & Self-Check-in Module 02/10/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System
01/17/2020 Updates to the WRS Health System 12/05/2019 Updates to the WRS Health System 11/13/2019 Updates to the WRS Health System