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All MIPS Measures Are In Play

Did you know...

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    Payment adjustment increases to +/-9%. If your practice bills $1,000,000 in Medicare, that could result in either $90,000 bonus or penalty in 2020.

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    In 2018, for small practices that have 15 or fewer ECs, CMS automatically awards qualified practices a bonus of up to 5 points.

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    With physicians’ Final Scores being available to all potential patients to see, by reporting minimum MIPS data, you risk damaging your reputation come 2019. Patients can use this to decide who they choose for their healthcare.

MIPS Services allows you to have peace of mind and give you credit for what you do.

The Clinical Services Team at WRS Health has been helping clients successfully navigate Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs and offers a comprehensive MIPS/MACRA package to help you successfully attest.


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