About Our Office

At Atlantic Surgery, Dr Lowe provides services related to abdominal and breast surgery. Some of the more common surgeries include hernia repair, removal of the gallbladder, appendectomy, breast biopsies and related surgery for breast cancer. Other common procedures for the intestines include surgery for colon cancer or diverticulitis. We also provide endoscopy services for colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) and upper endoscopy or gastroscopy to look at the esophagus and stomach if you have reflux, ulcers or related problems. Although many of the above procedures are done at our local hospital, Dr Lowe also does office procedures. An example would be removing a skin lesion or cyst.  These are just some of the more common procedures that are associated with General Surgery. Please call our office if you have questions or need more information about services we provide. We strive to provide those services that are both safe and needed in our local community here on the Outer Banks.