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Our office provides genearl internal medical care for adult and geraiatric patients as well as pain management.   Dr. Patel is a fellowship-trained wounds burn surgeon with an interest in wound care and mega dose vitamin therapy to heal wounds in the fastest time possible.  Concurrent multi-modal therapy with a heavy focus on achieving excellent nutritional support helps heal wounds quickly.  Targeting wounds from many angles allows healing in the least amount of time possible. Dr. Patel specializes in scar revision and wound care and can also perform skin grafts to achieve quick wound closure. She can also remove skin cancers, moles, and other unwanted or suspicious skin lesions.

Dr Patel can take care of your general practice adult medical needs: prescription refills, vaccinations, preentative care such as mammogram, bone density testing, x-ray, ct, or mri ordering, general annual bloodwork, anticoagulation monitoring, diabetes monitoring, thyroid disease monitoring, obesity management and weight loss. Dr. Patel has a special interest in nutrition and orthomolecular medicine and strives to help each patient make dietary changes that can result in optimized patient health. In addition, Dr. Patel can assist in managing your pain needs.  Please be aware that pain management involves regular and random urine testing, blood testing and oral swab monitoring of the patient 's use of pain medication and that in enlisting with pain management with Advance medical, you are agreeing to comply with any and all durg testing requirements to ensure that you or your loved one is indeed taking the prescribed pain medications.   HOME CARE SERVICES:  

In addition to seeing patients in our office, Dr. Patel also sees patient's in the comfort of their own homes, provided that they meet certain homebound requirements.. Please refer to your individual insurance benefits policy to see if  you qualify for home visiting service or call our office today.  


Dr. Patel also sees patients at various  facilities for internal medical and wound care services.  


We also have laser scar reduction, Botox, and laser skin resurfacing services that are typically limited to weekend hours by appointment only.  More about our skincare services can be seen at, our sister practice.

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