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Alfredo Gei, MD, P. A. is a referral based Maternal Fetal Medicine practice that specializes in Prenatal Diagnosis and Obstetrical Ultrasounds.  We offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient management of high risk pregnancies.  Dr. Alfredo Gei is both board certified in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology with a special interest in trauma and critical care obstetrics.  Dr. Alfredo Gei will partner with your obstetrician, midwife and other specialists in the treatment and care of your specific maternal or fetal complications. Our services range from preconception counseling, pregnancy management,  delivery and critical care obstetrics.  

Patients have traveled from as far as Nigeria, Argentina, Costa Rica, The Middle East and Mexico specifically for Dr. Gei's expert care and management of their high risk pregnancies. Although we are primarily an English speaking practice, Dr. Gei is multilingual and fluent in Spanish, French and Italian.

Our office hours:
Monday - Thursday:  8am to 5pm, lunch 12-1pm
Friday:  8am to 12pm

We are located at:

6400 Fannin Suite # 1900
Houston, TX 77030-1528
  Phone (281) 941-2237
  Fax (832) 209-2733

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